Lecturer in Interpreting (profesora colaboradora permanente)


University of Salamanca

Department of Translation and Interpreting, undergraduate teaching:

  • Simultaneous Interpreting EN-ES, yr 4
  • Simultaneous Interpreting FR-ES, yr 4
  • Advanced Simultaneous Interpreting (Interpreting into English and Specialised Interpreting), yr 4
  • Simultaneous Interpreting EN-ES, yr 3

Past courses taught at the University of Salamanca (former Degree in Translation and Interpreting):

  • Simultaneous interpreting EN-ES, yr 4
  • Simultaneous interpreting FR-ES, yr 4
  • Consecutive interpreting EN-ES, yr 3
  • Consecutive interpreting FR-ES, yr 3

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

School of Management and Languages (2004-2006), postgraduate and undergraduate teaching:

Liaison interpreting, MSc “Translating and Conference Interpreting/Public Service Interpreting”)
Simultaneous interpreting, yr 4
Liaison Interpreting, yr 4
Economic Structure of Spain, yr 4
Business Plan, yr 2
Business Spanish, yr 2
Spanish, yr 1
Oral Comprehension, yr 1

Université de Franche-Comté
Department of Modern Languages (2003-2004)

Legal Translation FR-ES, yr 4
Spanish, various levels, yr 1-4

Universidad de Granada
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (2002-2003)

Simultaneous interpreting FR, yr 4
Consecutive interpreting FR, yr 3

Universidad Europea de Madrid
Department of Translation and Interpreting (2002)

Simultaneous Interpreting EN, yr 4
Specialised translation FR, yr 4
Consecutive Interpreting EN, yr 3

Other Courses

IBM Spain, Madrid (1999-2001)

– Writer and editor for the Everyday English language programme on the IBM intranet
– English teacher at the Everyday English programme (distance language learning)

Panpol School of Languages, Kielce (Poland): English teacher (all levels, full-time, 2002)

Lycée Chaptal, in Mende, Lozère (France) – language assistant scholarship 2001-2002
– Spanish assistant teacher for groups of 20 to 30 students, age 15-18
– Spanish assistant teacher for a group of 15 BTS (Bac +2) students in Tourism, age 18-22